About Us

SWI Consultants is an established Student & Professional Training Consultancy firm with International Office in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia & National Office in Karachi Pakistan.
We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of Education Consultancy & Corporate Trainings.


One of the top research-led universities in the country, renowned for the relevance of its work, driven by society’s need for solutions to real-life issues.


Why Malaysia
Malaysia’s unique well-structured higher education system offers you the opportunity to pursue an international qualification at a competitive rate.


Best of
Develop yourself by partnering us in research, consultancy, new technologies and services and certifications .

We listen to you!

Your feedback and comments are extremely important for us to render the best consulting service

Your challenge is our work

We understand your problem areas and work towards solving it and help you to succeed.

Cost savings for you

We are proud to offer the highest quality with optimal cost to our clients

Proffessional Certification

SWI Consultants carries global accreditations various affiliations.

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